Tiffany & Co. Apparently Made an Awesome Square Watch and Didn’t Tell Anyone

The square men’s dress watch showed up in the list of contestants for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie but nowhere else on the internet.


Looking through the list of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve (GPHG) contestants the other day, I noticed something interesting: A yellow gold, square-shaped watch from Tiffany & Co called the Tiffany Square. A cursory Google search doesn’t seem to reveal anything about it, so this seems to be a yet-to-be announced watch from the iconic retailer. In fact, according to the blurb on the GPHG site, the watch is meant to celebrate Tiffany’s founding 180 years ago.

According to the GPHG site, the watch features a hand-winding mechanical movement (supposedly “the first in-house wristwatch design with a manual winding movement” from Tiffany) and a svelte yellow gold case that’s only 28mm across, 35.8mm high and 6.9mm thick. The design is also apparently a callback to a 39mm square watch from the 1920s (though the GPGH site doesn’t get more specific than that). As you’d expect, the watch’s cathedral hands and old-school Arabic numerals help cinch the art deco look.

This being a limited edition for Tiffany’s 180th anniversary, only 180 examples of the watch will be made. The retail price listed is $17,889 (16,944 Swiss Francs), and given that the GPHG rules stipulate a watch must be “commercialized” by November 30th to be eligible, it should be available for purchase within the next few months. Gear Patrol has reached out to Tiffany & Co. for more information.

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