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Finally, You Can Use Your Wristwatch to Put Ikea Furniture Together

Leatherman just introduced an affordable dive watch to go along with its wearable multi-tool.


When Leatherman introduced its Tread wearable multi-tool back in 2015, the brand also stated that it had plans to introduce a watch for the handy bracelet. After two years, the brand made good on its promise by releasing the Tread Tempo, which adds an analog dive watch to the mix.

The Tread Tempo’s watch module is pretty standard for an affordable dive watch: It features a Swiss quartz movement, is water resistant to 200 meters and features luminous markers and a rotating minute bezel. But the bracelet, obviously, is what makes the watch stand out from its cohorts. It comes with six tools, including a 3/32-inch screwdriver, 6mm and 4mm hex drivers (perfect for fumbling with Ikea furniture), two square drivers and a Pozi-Driv. A couple additional links are included with the watch as well, and the bracelet is compatible with the rest of Leatherman’s Tread range so additional links can be bought to suit the wearer’s needs. According to Leatherman, the watch is TSA-friendly, or at least until the TSA decides to change (again) what it does and doesn’t allow on flights.

The watch will be available later this year and will come in either a stainless steel or black finish, both for $575.

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