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Buy This Watch, Get a Swiss Army Knife for Free

A tough titanium watch gets an upgrade.


Victorinox may be known for its knives but the brand is making moves to become a player in the tough watch market. It released its I.N.O.X model in 2014, and gave it a titanium upgrade just last year. Now it’s releasing a special edition of that watch, in titanium. And as a bonus you get a free knife, to boot.

The I.N.O.X “Sky High” edition retains a lot of the tough acumen that has made the standard I.N.O.X a favorite — it’s water resistant to 200 meters, has a durable Swiss quartz movement and has undergone scrutinous tests — 130, according to Victoronix, including thermal shocks and elevation testing. Victoronix ran over its original I.N.O.X with some heavy machinery as a publicity stunt when it launched it years ago, so it stands to reason this should hold up to a hike or two.

Special additions for this limited model also include a white dial, a red 24-hour scale (that seems to be applied to the crystal rather than the dial) and a strap made from durable paracord (an additional rubber strap is also included). The watch’s box set contains a white version of the Swiss Army Knife inspired by those issued to NASA astronauts as standard equipment. This being a limited edition and all, Victorinox is only make 2,000 sets. They’re available now and will run you $850.

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