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Here's Your Best Chance Yet to Restore Your Vintage G-Shock

Casio is offering a limited refurbishing program for just $100.

casio g shock refurbished

G-Shocks tend to be used roughly and extensively because that's what they're made for — and they can take it better than just about any other watch. But, although hard to completely destroy, they can show wear. And if you've got a beat-up old G-Shock you love and want to see looking like new again, now's your chance.

Casio has announced a limited-time program for Casio ID subscribers (free to sign up) to refurbish certain vintage models. Only six models are part of the program, including the famous original G-Shock from 1983, the DW-5000C — the other eligible watches all being those that follow its iconic square form: DW-5200C, DW-5600C, DW5800, WW5100C and WW5300C.

casio g shock refurbished
Refurbishment includes new battery, gasket, screws, resin case and strap.

Watches will get a new battery, gasket for water resistance, screws, as well as a completely new resin case and strap. You'll be giving up all the "character" that vintage watch collectors so often refer to as "honest" or "patina" and, with even a new case and strap, there's a bit of a Ship of Theseus paradox you'll have to mentally wrestle with. But being able to wear a 1983 G-Shock like it was a brand-new watch sounds pretty damn cool — and you'd know that all the parts are legit Casio.

casio g shock watch refurbished
A before (left) and after example of a G-Shock DW-5600C that’s been restored.

G-Shock collectors include streetwear aficionados as well as traditional watch collectors, and historic models like the DW-5000C can sell for thousands of dollars. So, compared to the pricey factory servicing programs from traditional watch brands, this makes the cost of $100 (plus cost of return shipping) seem pretty reasonable. Hell, it's reasonable even if you've just got an old model that you love and want to wear again.

Sure, you can get a new, comparable G-Shock (like the GWM-5610-1) for that much or a little more, but it wouldn't have the same memories or stories, would it? It sounds pretty cool for serious fans, but it would be even cooler if Casio extended the program to more models and a permanent basis. Fingers crossed for that. For now until November 30, 2022 (the program may close early if there are too many applicants), $100 will get you a genuinely old G-Shock that looks like new.


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