What You Need to Know About the Hydrotimer 300

What makes Jack Mason's Hydrotimer 300 worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios.

talking points jack mason hydro timer 300 watch
Jack Mason

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Jack Mason set a hardy challenge for itself with this new release, but we’re happy to say, they more than met the mark.

Fresh off the heels of their successful Strat-o-Timer release, the brand decided to design a new dive watch: the Hydrotimer 300. That said, the team stayed level-headed about the sudden rise – and ample influx – of contemporary dive watches; aiming instead to create “an instant classic and an icon for Jack Mason.”

So did (and will) their design stand the test of time? Read on to discover everything we love about the new Hydrotimer 300.

jack mason hydrotimer 300 watch
Jack Mason

The Backstory

Jack Mason: Watches for Enthusiasts of All Levels

At Jack Mason, there’s a watch for everyone. Whether you’re a fresh beginner or avid collector, chances are, you’ll fall in love with one of their releases.

Their team designs with the wearer in mind, to ensure every timepiece can find its way onto the right wrist. The brand launched in 2015 with a mission to pair in-house designs with a mix of smart Japanese quartz and automatic movements, but American assembly remains at the forefront of each build for this proudly Texan brand.

Additionally, new users can take advantage of an easy ‘try-before-you-buy’ program which allows customers to pick up to two different watches they’d like to see in person. From there, they can strap them on at home for a risk-free, seven day trial.

The Gist

So What Makes the Hydrotimer 300 an Icon?

The new timepiece is designed for practical daily wear and boasts a strong scratch resistant coating (up to 1200 HV). Its 316L stainless steel case is topped by boxed sapphire crystal, and encircled by a 120 click ceramic bezel. It arrives on a matching (20mm - 16mm) stainless steel bracelet set with a glidelock bracelet clasp.

Notably, to double-down on its namesake American assembly, the team decided to take the watch’s Miyota 9039 movement and regulate it in-house. There, in their own workshop, the brand took the movement and regulated it to +/- 5 seconds.

Unlike clunky competitor dive watches, the Hydrotimer 300 is designed for the everyman. It’s a comfortable watch you can tote into the office, yet rest assured it’ll stand up to daily tasks or longer outdoor adventures. Best of all, it’s uniquely American made, and a great homage to Jack Mason’s Texan heritage.


The Hydrotimer 300 Is Paving the Way for a Suite of Fun Releases

The new dive watch is a versatile piece for every new fan, and will drop as Jack Mason’s first launch of 2023. It will be followed by an entire pipeline of products designed to ‘redefine’ the brand, with a wide range of new ‘icons’ expected to celebrate – and cement – the brand’s Texan heritage.

So stay tuned for all of Jack Mason’s 2023 releases, and cash in now on the new American-made collector’s watch today.

Price: Starting at $889


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