Get Your Camouflage Natos While They’re Dirt-Cheap!

Camouflage Nato straps work great with tool watches vintage and modern, so why not stock up while they’re only $4?


While a camo Nato strap might not pair perfectly with everything, they look damn good on tool watches both vintage and modern., a great resource for all sorts of inexpensive watch straps, currently has a selection of some of their Premium Natos on sale for just a few bucks each in 20 and 22mm (their premium Natos feature heavy nylon that’s hand-sewn with strong threading for extra durability). Shipping is free on orders over $25 and most straps are very reasonably priced, so we would highly recommend that you peruse their entire site.

Premium Nato Strap Camouflage Savannah by CheapestNatoStraps $10 $4

Brushed Premium Nato Strap Camouflage by CheapestNatoStraps $10 $4

PVD Premium Nato Strap Camouflage by CheapestNatoStraps $10 $4

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