This Microbrand’s New Watch Has an Underrated Design Feature

Finally, an accessibly-priced watch on an integrated bracelet.

The integrated bracelet is a rarity in the watch industry. Once upon a time (in the ’70s) it was a significantly more common style, but today there are very few watches that feature the design trait, and most that do are found on hard-to-obtain luxury sports watches. So any new timepiece to come out and rock the style deserves attention.

Thus we have the Calypso Arctic Sport from EC Andersson — an indie watch brand based in Gothenburg, Sweeden — a clean-looking, mechanically-powered sports watch. The watch boasts a stainless steel case 40mm in diameter and just under 10mm in thickness, as well as water resistance to 100 meters. More importantly, the case forgoes a standard spring bar and lug setup for one with an integrated bracelet design that extends seamlessly from the case. The overall design is also featured on the brand’s earlier Calypso Sport, but in “Arctic” guise it gets an eye-popping textured light-gray dial with orange accents, not dissimilar to the Rolex Explorer II.

Inside the watch ticks away a Miyota 9015 automatic movement that the brand claims has been “hand-regulated” to be accurate within -2/+6 seconds per day, which would be just short of COSC standards. Given that the watch retails for about $900 (785 euros) on the steel bracelet (a leather option is available for less), that’s not too bad, and what’s more, some examples of the watch are available at a pre-order discount (about $855 for the bracelet version) right now.

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