The ERA Prometheus Is a Tourbillon Watch Nearly Anyone Can Afford

The ERA Prometheus watch is an impressive tourbillon timepiece that retails for under $1,500, meaning nearly anyone can afford it.


Tourbillons are arguably some of the most challenging watch complications to build by hand. The tourbillon mechanism is tiny and usually crafted with many, many parts, requiring a unique set of tools and a lot of time to produce. This is why they have for so long been expensive and rare, typically costing six figures. ERA Timepieces raised over $1 million on Indiegogo to change that by setting out to make this unique movement attainable for anyone through the ERA Prometheus.

Offering a lower-half exposed mechanism, the ERA Prometheus is a single-axis tourbillon movement that has both a GMT hand and sun/moon-style time-of-day indicator. A 44mm stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal safeguard this intricate movement that is mesmerizing to view. A demonstration of watchmaking virtuosity, it’s an opportunity for anyone to own something that was unattainable for an incredibly long time.

Buy Now: $1,499

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