A Watch Collection Built on an Interchangeable Lug System

Dango Products launches its first watch collection with three unique and affordable timepieces all built on an interchangeable lug system.


Dango Products has been committed to thoughtfully-designed everyday objects since launching in 2015. Incorporating industrial design principles into gear meant for daily use, Dango Products aims to solve problems for its users. With that intention in mind, the company has been hard at work on designing a unique watch collection that complements everything it does.

The new collection is made up of three timepieces: a 45mm field watch (TREK TK-01), a 45mm chronograph (CHRONO CR-01) and a 45mm dive watch (DIVE DV-01). Each features a Swiss Rhonda movement, sapphire crystal, luminescent dial, 316L stainless steel case and patented stainless steel interchangeable lugs. This system allows you to quickly switch straps and/or lugs, all of which come with quick-release features, making these watches even more versatile. With the Kickstarter campaign launching today, you can snag one of these clever timepieces at an early bird price.

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