Crown & Caliber Makes Buying Watches a Breeze

Crown & Caliber guided over 50,000 buyers and sellers through the low-pressure and risk-free process, leaving their buyers and seller confident.



The luxury watch market has historically been fragmented and littered with fraud and horror stories, especially in the world of pre-owned pieces — that was the world that Crown & Caliber waded into when it first launched. Now, the brand has guided a generation of watch enthusiasts (both buyers and sellers) through its low-stress process — making both sides happy. Crown & Caliber also carries over 40 brands, so you’ll be sure to find a timepiece that fits your style — including some of the most iconic watches out there. Here are some of the most coveted and well-loved timepieces you can snap up over on Crown & Caliber right now.

IWC Big Pilot


Released in 2002 as a homage to the original IWC pilot’s watches for German pilots in WWII, this 46mm case holds a dial with easily legible numerals and a distinct crown. While you might not be in the cockpit, the IWC Big Pilot is a great addition for your wrist along with its long history behind it.

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Rolex Explorer


The last Explorer to carry the 36mm case size, this watch was released in 2001 equipped with a SEL bracelet. A rare under the radar Rolex, the Explorer takes its name from Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s successful summit of Everest. It is a watch that embodies adventure and the spirit of trying to reach new heights.

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Panerai Luminor


The Luminor embodies the distinct Panerai frogman design — it did gain prominence during WWII supplying the Royal Italian Navy after all. With a cushion case, the classic massive crown guard and the intense luminescence of the sandwich dial, you could easily get under the waves with the Luminor. All the quintessential Panerai design aspects add up to one killer diver.

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AP Royal Oak Offshore


While the AP Royal Oak is often maligned, we couldn’t help but put it on the list. The original 1972 avant-garde design by Gerald Genta isn’t for everyone, but for the newer models, like the Offshore, you’ll find new technologies like Therban — the high tech polymer used for the crown and pushers — that are hard not to admire.

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