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These Are the Watches We’re Obsessing Over in August 2019

We’re flipping our lids over a couple of Hamiltons, a Seiko 5, a vintage Rolex Datejust and more.


As watch lovers, we spend our afternoons poring over watches both new and vintage. When a new timepiece comes across our radar, one that particularly resonates with our tastes, we can’t help but obsess over it. So, here’s a taste of that process — seven timepieces that our watch-loving staff are obsessing over right at this very moment.

Hamilton W-10

Old-style military field watches were designed as simple, purposeful tools, but they’re somehow beautiful. Round is the more common look, but that makes the straightforward tonneau shape of the Hamilton W-10 watches produced for the British Ministry of Defense in the 1970s feel a bit unique — and a bit ’70s. Of course, it further offers a link to the greater history of Hamilton military watches. I would usually consider anything under 36mm to be kinda small, but somehow these just look and feel perfect. –Zen Love, Associate Staff Writer

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Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J

I’ve owned a couple of Seikos, but I never fell in love with them. Maybe it was the way my dad forced them upon my wrist with impunity. But it’s been 20 years since then and all I can say is that Seiko has been catching my eye like never before. At this past Baselworld, Seiko introduced the SNR029J, a high-performance, deep sea diver. I’m no James Cameron (I can barely dive), but damn if I don’t love a meaty dive watch — a watch that warrants its function-over-form design. The best way I can describe it in the words I’m being allotted here is “robust,” and as it turns out, also the same way I’d describe my interest. –Eric Yang, Founder/CEO

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Marathon General Purpose Military Mechanical

Tritium tubes. Swiss movement. Military purpose. These are the marketing terms we’ve come to associate with rugged and overbuilt watches. This vintage piece, with its diminutive size and plastic case, is far from that, yet at the same time checks all of the above boxes. I love that about this watch. Rather than embodying the current over-marketed version of ‘military gear’, it’s utility-driven in the way that a good deal of military equipment actually is; cheap and expendable. Coincidentally, that’s most of what my budget can allow right now anyway. –J.D. DiGiovanni, Assistant Editor, Editorial Operations

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Rolex Datejust 1603

I never used to be a Datejust guy. I’m a longtime Sub owners and quite happy with my utilitarian watch, thank you very much. DJs were for my grandfather’s generation, I thought. Well, I’m finally coming around. There’s something about the idea of an everyday, dressy watch that’s this tough, this well made, that just can’t be ignored. (I mean, they’ve been in continuous production since 1945 for a reason.) This one’s got a gorgeous dial, an interesting engraving, and comes with papers. –Oren Hartov, Associate Editor

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Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

I’ve recently been going back and forth on my next daily wear watch and I think this checks all the boxes. It has genuine heritage with Hamilton’s military background, is a perfect size for my large wrists at 38mm, and has a vintage look that can be dressed up or down. There’s a reason why this watch is so highly acclaimed and there’s a good chance I will have already bought it by the time this is published. –Greg Tate, Campaign Manager

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Seiko SNK803

Seiko’s introductory line of automatic field watches range from reference numbers SNK803 to SNK809. They are a perfect way to enjoy great watch design on your wrist everyday at a super affordable price point. I already have the army green version, SNK805. Now I want to add to the fun with the cream-dialed version, SNK803. At 37mm in diameter with an 18mm lug width, they’re beyond wearable and have become a shorthand way of indicating you’re a core watch enthusiast for less than $100. –Kyle Snarr, Head of Marketing

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