The New Club Sport Brings A Robust Dose of Elegance

A watch for the most modern of wrists, this timepiece is a crown jewel of the NOMOS Glashütte brand.



NOMOS Glashütte is known for the clean and modern design of its watches — and the new Club Sport is no exception. This entirely new release is full of innovation from the Saxony-based watchmaking company. NOMOS Glashütte has never held back from using exceptional materials when building its watches, and Club Sport has a sturdier construction than ever before. This is a watch for the most modern of wrists.

Club Sport clocks in with a 42mm case that lets you take in its many appealing characteristics: A large date window sits on a deep black dial surrounded by glimmering stainless steel. Below the dial’s six, “1000 ft” is inscribed denoting its water resistance — showing off its strength alongside its streamlined beauty.

The steel and glass in the case are around 20 percent thicker than in a standard NOMOS timepiece. Pure sapphire crystal glass — named so because of its sapphire level of strength — protects that gorgeous dial, while surgical steel makes up the hard-wearing bracelet and the case that protects the movement during any adventure. The new NOMOS sport bracelet was designed completely in-house and is exceptionally comfortable to wear despite its robust credentials, made from 145 separate pieces of stainless steel. All these materials come together to make a watch that lives up to its name, ready for any sport from kitesurfing to mountain biking.

All of the rugged external features of the watch are there to shield the neomatik date caliber that keeps impeccable time. Boasting an outstanding winding rate and excellent accuracy, the patented NOMOS mechanism has a great deal of tradition hidden inside it, such as the beautiful polishes that are unique to Glashütte. It also comes outfitted with a leather wallet for those weekend jaunts when you want to keep your watch better protected. The black full-grain leather will make sure that your NOMOS Club Sport is safe and sound. No matter what you are up to, this watch will keep you on time and looking elegant.

Buy Now: $4,060

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