Now You Can Find That Watch You Missed out on Years Ago

One of the great things about StockX is that you can find the treasures you never had a chance to buy when they came out.


One of the great things about StockX, is that you can find the treasures you never had a chance to buy when they came out — the limited-edition timepieces that you meant to pull the trigger on, but then waited too long and they were out of stock, never to be seen again. These watches — or really any object — can become our white whale. You scour the internet, set alerts, maybe you even call up a few stockists, but still nothing. And if you do find it, the price is often unmanageable.

That’s where StockX comes in. On StockX, all of the data from previous sales is compiled for easy viewing for both sellers and buyers, so each watch listing will reflect reality. It also provides another important service for those on the hunt for their missed-connection watch. When you finally pull the trigger, the watch first goes through StockX’s authentication office to make sure everything is above board. This step ensures that any watch you buy on StockX isn’t only authentic, but in pristine condition, with only the cream of the crop allowed to be sold on the site. This makes finding the watches you always wanted a whole lot easier. Gone are the days of scrolling through endless online auction pages or hitting the brick & mortar shops.


Your white whale may be a heritage watch from a blue-chip brand, or maybe it skews more toward the novelty end of the spectrum. Maybe it’s the Timex Q Reissue, which is based on a diver originally released in 1979. It sold out almost instantly, and you would be hard-pressed to find it in any shop at any price. The dual-color Pepsi bezel joins a funky steel bracelet and a domed crystal, all packed into a super reasonably priced package — that is if you’re shopping for it on StockX.

You also probably missed out on the rather fun and retro-looking Casio G-Shock X Keith Haring. This limited edition of the iconic G-Shock puts the artist’s equally iconic work on display along the strap and dial. Because of its ties to the famous artist, the watch can be difficult to find and make it a prime candidate for counterfeiting — but both of those problems can be mitigated by shopping through StockX.

There are few watches more classic, timeless and worthy of white whale status than the original Longines Diver — which debuted in the 1950s. The design is still as relevant as ever, shown in the latest Legend Diver. It features the same mesh bracelet and internal bezel as the original and can be paired with virtually anything in your wardrobe. The throwback details of the design are on point, and the accessible price makes this watch worthy of tracking down.

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