Odell Beckham Jr. Rocked a $350,000 Watch on the Field

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver played Sunday’s game wearing a timepiece worth more than your house.


When your contract is worth a reported $50 million, there’s really no reason not to rock a Richard Mille watch during a violent contact sport — traditionally not the best place for wristwatches. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr’s Richard Mille RM 011 Orange Storm, a black and orange McLaren limited edition, is worth a reported $350,000 (and happens to match the Browns’ uniform pretty well).


Beckham isn’t the first athlete to wear such an expensive timepiece on the field — Rafael Nadal is another famous brand ambassador for Richard Mille — but, violent as swinging a tennis racket may be, it generally pales in comparison with getting tackled by a 250-lb. human. That said, Beckham can probably afford to service his watch should anything go wrong.

The Titans won 43-13 last night, but that hasn’t stopped the watch world (and Beckham’s fans) from going nuts online over his horological savvy.

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