This GMT Watch Is a Value Play That You’ll Love to Wear

Limited to 300 pieces, the Yema Limited Edition Superman Heritage GMT is a deftly-designed watch that punches well above its price point.

Yema Superman Heritage GMT

Yema is a French watch manufacture that has been producing watches since 1948. While widely revered for their collectible vintage pieces — some of which command high prices on the vintage market — their modern watchmaking is still relatively unknown to the U.S. market. That is until the release of the Yema Superman Heritage, a one-for-one rebuild of the brand’s heralded 1963 model bearing the same name. Yema’s latest release under the Heritage line is the Limited Edition Superman Heritage GMT. This automatic GMT watch uses the same case design as the Superman Heritage. Limited to 300 pieces — 100 of each of the three bezel options — the Limited Edition Superman Heritage GMT is a deftly-designed watch that punches well above its price point. We’ve worked closely with Yema to reserve a limited quantity of the Superman Heritage GMT and are proud to be able to be the only U.S.-based retailer to offer it. Whether you’re looking to refresh your wrist with a new look or searching for a great all-around wearer, the Yema Superman Heritage GMT should be high on your list.

1. 3D Modeled History:
The Limited Edition Superman Heritage GMT bears a case design that was originally debuted with the first Superman models in 1963. To achieve a one-for-one likeness, Yema disassembled an original Superman case and 3D modeled each of the components. With this digital model, Yema was able to resurrect the exact case dimensions, look and overall feel on the wrist.
2. Time for Timezones:
By combining the 24-hour hand and rotating the 24-hour bezel, the wearer can track multiple time zones at once. Live in New York but want to keep track of the west coast office hours? No problem. Want to know when your family on the Continent ready to skype? Easy. Simply adjust the 24-hour bezel and hand to give you multiple times zones at a glance.
3. Vintage Look, Modern Feel:
The Superman Heritage GMT comes with Yema’s distinct stainless steel bracelet, made of brushed 316L stainless steel, which features a diver’s extension folding clasp. With solid, slender links, this bracelet complements the 39mm case size and culminates in a robust watch that wears more elegantly than expected.

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