For a Fine Custom Rolex, Look No Further than Artisans De Genève

This Geneva-based watchmaking workshop offers the exclusive service of watch modification for private customers.


Artisans de Genève is anything but your everyday watch company. This Geneva-based watchmaking workshop offers an exclusive service of watch modification for private customers and on-demand only. Its modifications are made exclusively upon request in its workshops by independent and highly skilled craftsmen. The company specializes in fulfilling its client’s needs: in six to eight weeks, modifications are made with each part carefully planned, modified and reassembled following a very specific and complex technical sheet. Each of its interventions is made with the utmost respect for the timepiece, as well as with the DNA of the watchmaking house it comes from. We took a look at one of Artisans de Genève’s recent works for acclaimed footballer Andrea Pirlo. These are three of the key modifications made to Andrea Pirlo’s Rolex Submariner 114060.

1. Movement Revealed: To skeletonize Andrea Pirlo’sSubmariner, Artisans de Genève embarked on two years of research and development, and 37 of the most passionate craftsmen. Eventually, each component was entirely dismounted, cut and beveled by hand. The result offers a complete new insight of the mythic 3130 caliber.

2. Dial and Bezel Upgrade: Andrea Pirlo chose a forged carbon bezel, a lightweight and wear-resistant material that gives his timepiece a modern allure. It also features an openwork dial with pure lines that reveal each detail of the skeleton movement.

3. One of a Kind Case: The case features an exclusive combination of know-how with polished chamfers, satin-brushed strip and sandblasted lugs. All this gives it a delicate and distinctive contrast and shine to the timepiece.

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