This Is a Great Way to Transport Two Watches, and It’s Just $15

The EDTC from Prometheus Design Werx features removable foam inserts and a divider — perfect for stashing two watches while on the go.


There are several good ways to transport a couple of watches around — a watch roll, a pouch, that old tube sock you were gonna throw out because it has a hole in it. Some of these options are affordable, some are more expensive, some look better than others. However, a new option from EDC specialists Prometheus Design Werx has to be one of the most affordable we’ve ever seen, and possibly, the most appropriate for the adventurous traveler.

The EDTC is a clamshell-opening storage case made specifically for EDC items — it’s not necessarily meant for two watches per se, and could just as easily accommodate a watch and a knife, or two knives, or a pair of sunglasses, or one knife and half a watch and a bunch of marbles, or…you get the point.

But it’s perfect for two watches. Why would someone travel with two watches? Maybe you’re going on vacation and want to bring along a dive watch and a nicer watch for dinners. Or maybe you simply have a watch problem. Doesn’t matter.

Anyway, the EDTC is thermo-molded and features a flexible design — it includes removable, die-cut foam inserts as well as a divider, and it’s available in Alloy Gray and lined in Flame Orange. Looking like some high-tech, possibly radioactive sunglass pouch (given Prometheus Design Werx’s cool logo), the EDTC is a perfect way to securely transport your stuff — especially if you have to stash it under the plane.

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