We Took a Look at What Happens When Bear Grylls Makes His Own Watch

The world-renowned survival expert Bear Grylls has teamed up with the legendary rugged luxury watchmaker Luminox for a series of rugged timepieces.


Neither Bear Grylls nor Luminox need any introduction. The world-renowned outdoorsman and survival expert has teamed up with the legendary rugged watchmaker for a series of truly rough and tumble timepieces. The Bear Grylls Luminox series is designed as a set of true tools for the outdoors — perfect for novices and experts alike. The LAND, SEA and Master series of watches are designed to take the best features of any Luminox watch and couple them with Gryll’s deep knowledge of survival and navigating uncharted territory. We took a look at the LAND Series 3798 to see not only what makes it tick but what makes it a tool worth adventuring with.

1. Always Visible: Luminox is known for its ALWAYS VISIBLE feature and the Bear Grylls LAND series is no different. The ALWAYS VISIBLE function is powered by a self-powered illumination system that uses tiny micro gas light tubes to create ultimate visibility in complete darkness.

2. Walking Speed Scale: The Bear Grylls Survival LAND series is kitted out with a Luminox special feature that you might not expect. The Walking Speed Scale allows you to calculate your walking or hiking speed no matter where you are. With a quick calculation, you can easily know how you are pacing.

3. Customized Caseback and Paracord Strap: The back of the Bear Grylls Survival LAND Series is engraved with the uplifting “Never Give Up” mantra, with Gryll’s signature alongside it. The strap is made from woven paracord that can be unraveled in a pinch to help with any survival needs, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

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