Arnold & Son HMS1

British elegance and a seafaring tradition
Arnold & Sons

Even a gear guy puts on a tux once in a while. The new HMS1 ($15,165) from Arnold & Son is just the watch for the occasion. It’s sleek and elegant in 18K rose gold, with an anthracite dial and hand-stitched alligator strap. The HMS1’s classic nautical styling is steeped in the 249-year history of Arnold & Son, whose namesake was one of four winning watchmakers who shared the British Government’s Longitude Prize in 1770. (For you landlubbers, longitude — your east-west position — is tough to figure out at sea if you don’t have an extremely accurate clock.) The watch’s 40mm diameter gives a nod to current size trends without being mistaken for a golden hockey puck. At less than 7.7mm thick, it’ll fit nicely under the cuff of your evening shirt.

The Arnold & Son in-house movement is hand wound, and the 80-hour power reserve means you can skip winding for a day or three and still get to the opera on time. At intermission, you can inspect the superb craftsmanship and fine hand-decorated finish through its see-through sapphire caseback. Finally, the case is water resistant to 30 meters in case you’re invited to the casts’ yacht afterparty. Only 250 pieces will be sold — so none of the other guests will be wearing it.

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