Love Seikos? This Website Is a Treasure Trove of Japanese Watch Nerdery

This special website offers insight into the culture and design of the Japanese watchmaking giant.

Seiko devotees are sure to get a kick out of a special site the Japanese watchmaker has been quietly producing since 2017. By Seiko Watch Design offers a rare look into a company that so often seems mysterious and opaque — it’s a place that delves into different topics on Seiko watches with all the fun character and Japanese quirkiness expected of the brand.

This is more than a company blog. With an ever-growing collection of regularly published stories, each is highly produced with original artwork, which itself is worth visiting the site for. Now with around 30 entries, topics include the history, inspiration and evolution of different models, collections and technology, with interviews and dialogues between designers.

There are fun entries about Seiko culture, too, like a look at the origin of watch models nicknamed by the public, such as “Turtle,” “Samurai,” “Monster,” etc. — and this is probably the only place you’ll see those names actually used by the brand itself. Translated from the Japanese site, which is about three entries ahead of the English version, the most recent is about the history and design of the brand’s stopwatches.

Seiko is so huge that it often seems to struggle in communicating about its collections in a way that’s easy for consumers to understand. The By Seiko Watch Design site, however, contradicts that image as an example of the fun projects the brand sometimes does that give it a more personal touch. Seiko fans: indulge your fascination here.

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