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This Week In Gear: August 2, 2014

This Week in Gear: Indian’s new motorcycle, Laphroaig Select, Denon’s Dolby Atmos speakers, Yeti’s new mountain bike and much more.



Nvidia Shield Tablet
Sure, you can play tons of online games on your smartphone, but to the PC or console gamer these time wasters are too watered down to enjoy. The Nvidia Shield tablet has the processing power for you to enjoy hundreds of top notch games, along with the regular apps you love from Google Play. The Shield comes with a wireless controller, and can also be plugged into your TV for multiplayer gaming. Even if you’re on the road or just too occupied with work to plop down on the sofa to play a game, that doesn’t mean you have to give up video games altogether. $299+

Laphroaig Select
Decades ago, the last family owner of the Laphroaig distillery, Ian Hunter, scoured Europe for the best bourbon casks. Today, Laphroaig has collected a variety of casks and used them to create six flavor combinations. Laphroiag’s newest release, Laphroaig Select, is the favorite of the six, featuring a fully natural color, and ripe, fruity notes combined with classic dry, peaty flavors. laphroaig.com

Denon AVR-X5200W
Along with ludicrous televisions, the latest big thing in home entertainment is Dolby Atmos. In addition to supporting Atmos, the Denon AVR-X5200W, is capable of 4K support and wireless streaming and can put out 140 watts per channel. The new receiver will be available for purchase in October. $1,999

Garage Social
Automotive enthusiasts’ general qualm with social media is that there aren’t enough cars. Garage Social is the solution for the car lover who has no time for anything else. It allows you to showcase your ride, discover new parts and accessories, read automotive news and communicate with other enthusiasts in your area. garagesocial.com

Mo Faraz BMW Prints
Taking on the visual style of mid-century advertisements, Mo Faraz’s limited edition prints are so much more than eye candy for your wall. They epitomize the ideology behind vintage car ownership in a simplistic yet artful way. Even if you aren’t a BMW nut, these prints will look great on your wall. $30+

Fold Pot
Those with green thumbs know that sooner or later indoor plants need a bigger pot. The Fold Pot was created so that you won’t have to drop money more than once on pots for your precious spider plant or cactus. It’s made from flexible silicon, allowing it to double in size and adapt to the growth of your plant. It’s also impossible to break. ~$88+

72 Hours in Montreal
Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, Canada’s renegade Francophone province. It’s just a quick jump via plane from much of the East Coast of the U.S.; more importantly, it’s filled with cultural treasures, delicious food, world-class beer, and is just a short drive from some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Here’s what you should do when you visit. Read this story

Wolverine Bison Leather 1,000 Mile Boots
Wolverine is known for sturdiness. So is their 1,000 Mile Boot, a burly walking boot that’s been upgraded with full-grain American bison leather, a stacked leather outsole, and Goodyear welt construction to commemorate the centenary of its introduction to the market. Its name comes from Wolverine’s original claim that the boot would be good for 1,000 miles of walking; so they’re your best bet if you’re planning to walk 500 miles, and walk 500 more. $400

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker
Frankly, coffee is a complex hobby to pursue. Not everyone wants to become an accredited java jockey just so he or she can enjoy a nice cold brew on the fly. Zoku’s iced coffee maker is a simple solution, and perfect for the sweatier months of the year; it’s as easy to use as your trusty drip, and comes with an insulated mug. $30

Arcade Belts
Arcade have somehow managed to transform dorky elastic belts (think back to kindergarten) into something charming and lively. Their choice of materials plays a major part: their Captain-Hybrid series, for instance, uses full-grain leather, not the cheap pleather that inevitably gets cracked and caked with playground dirt. And whether colorful or sober, the straps themselves are always worthy of adult tastes. arcadebelts.com

Corsair Distillery Red Absinthe
Nashville’s Corsair Distillery’s new take on absinthe does away with the typical “green fairy” look. It’s a classic blanche with a Tennessee twist: citrus, tarragon, and red hibiscus. Don’t be doubtful — this brew won gold medals in both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the World Beverage Competition. corsairartisan.com

EarPeace Ear Plugs
Music festival season, also known as tinnitus season, rolls on. You may feel like a fogey for bringing earplugs to a show, but better to be a fogey who can hear than half deaf in the prime of youth. EarPeace’s premium earplugs protect your hearing without sacrificing the details of your experience; rather than muffling the sound, it simply turns it down a couple notches. $13

Strike Cam Fishing Camera
Ah, the one that got away. The catch that could have been — the one that will forever live on in your memory and no one else’s. That is, unless you have the Strike Cam, a waterproof video camera that attaches to your line and records every minute of your fishing experience, from the lure’s point of view. The one that got away will no longer be a mystery. strike-cam.com

An Achtung Baby: Quick Spin in the 2015 Porsche Macan
Gear Patrol gets in the cockpit of the brand new Porsche Macan and puts the tiger through the paces. Read This Story

2015 Indian Roadmaster
Bikers not ready to surrender heated seats, keyless ignition and remote trunk access, need look no further than the Indian Roadmaster. The new flagship tourer from America’s oldest motorcycle brand boasts luxury features in droves: heated grips, adjustable floorboards, three accessory ports, navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, just to name a few. Powered by the Thunder Stroke 111, 49-degree, V-Twin engine mated to a 6-speed transmission and accented by Indian’s trademark swooping fenders, the Roadmaster looks like it should give Milwaukee’s finest a good run for their money. $26,999

Mac Pro Go Case
Apple’s super advanced computer now has something to safely travel in. The 1.6-pound Go Case’s plush interior and rugged ballistic nylon exterior deliver complete protection, plus a front keyboard pouch, a suspension shoulder strap and a disc pouch for any accessories. $129

UTA – Universal Tube Adapter
This pocket-sized UTA made from anti-bacterial TPE polypropylene allows you to reload your hydration reservoir from a tap or water bottle without removing it from its sheath. Simply link up and turn the tap on; the adapter will expand when your tank if full. $21 ()

Grovemade Limited Edition Dock
Your desk is your home, and if you’ve honed your desk’s aesthetic to a tee, a plasticky-looking phone charger is the last thing you want lying on top of it. This metal iPhone dock from Grovemade, who are known for their wood and leather accessories, features a solid steel or brass base, topped with a matte black cap that should match your phone and your desk. $119

HasselBlad CFV-50c
For those rooted in Hasselblad’s V-System medium format cameras, here’s a new toy to salivate over. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 50MP medium format sensor, the new CFV-50c takes outstanding photographs in all ISO settings. The back pairs compact flash storage and a classic design and will work with every Hasselblad V-system body since 1957. The innovative back has a laundry list of other features, including a new larger LCD screen, a remote control option and compatibility with PM90 and PME90 90º viewfinders. hasselbladusa.com

Mission Bicycles Lumen Bike Deposit
Designed and built in the City by the Bay, this 100 percent retro-reflective custom city bike was inspired by the city itself. Mission’s design staff works with buyers to choose frame size, gear and handlebar options, security features and more. Don’t worry about adding extra reflectors. $500

Pro Road Bikes of the Tour de France
The best in bikes trickles down from what professionals use on race day. These are the team bikes being used by pros in this year’s Tour de France — and you can get them right now. Read story here

Drobo Mini
If our college years are any indication, a hard drive crash will result in reduced productivity and sanity. This goes double for filmmakers, photographers and other professionals who need to store and access massive amounts of data while out in the field. That’s why Connected Data’s new Drobo Mini data storage system is available with up to four Solid State Disk (SSD) hard drives. Even if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a drive failure, the Drobo Mini can automatically repair itself, providing full access to data. $449+

Design Within Reach Georg Console Table and Stool
Anyone who’s suffered through apartment hunting in NYC (or any big city for that matter) knows that space comes at a premium. However, your cramped studio apartment doesn’t have to be devoid of a designated workspace. The new Georg Console table from Design Within Reach is only 13 inches deep and 29 inches wide and will rest up against any wall. It is made from raw Oak; the natural beauty of its wood grain is susceptible to stains, so be careful not to spill your glass of writing whiskey. $299+

Worn & Wound Model 2 Watch Strap
If you’re an avid vintage watch hunter, you’ll find that your newly acquired timepieces are often packaged with an improper strap or no strap at all. Fortunately, the watch nerds over at Worn & Wound have just released their new Model 2 line of straps that will look good with just about any timepiece. The straps are made from unlined Horween and have raw edges, which will result in a nice patina finish unique to your wrist. $59

Sanborn Mackinac Canoe Paddle
Made from a combination of walnut, aspen, and western red cedar, the Sanborn Mackinac is a nod back to the days of handmade canoes and men in fur hats. While the Mackinac will do for your next canoeing adventure, it’s handsome enough to adorn your cabin wall, making it the ultimate Land’s End photo shoot location. $165

Chadhaus Loft Bed
While it may seem like something more suited for your college dorm, a platform bed with integrated storage is a great way to clean up your living space. Chadhaus’s new loft bed features a storage cubby on each side, along with four sliding drawers, but it retains a handsome, modern style. The bed is hand built and is available in a variety of different woods and can be easily assembled in less than thirty minutes. The same sure can’t be said from your Ikea living room set. $5,200

Unis Harrison Shorts
Comfort doesn’t have to be sacrificed for style, so when the weather is hot a decent pair of shorts is in order. Unis’s new Harrison shorts are made from lightweight cotton and feature a relaxed fit, making them the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe. Pair them with the right shirt and you’ll be ready for a summer night out in the city. $148

When Email Isn’t Enough: 5 Great Stationers for Communicating with Style
Amid a sea of email and impersonal texts, a finely engraved card or handwritten note packs a punch now more than ever. Keep the content sincere, simple, and captivating, and spend a little time and money on quality stationary, and you can call yourself a true man of letters. Read The Story

Logmar Super 8 Camera
The Logmar Super 8 is the first new model super 8 camera in 30 years, and it’s the perfect going-away present for the aspiring filmmaker in your family heading to school in the fall. It melds the traditional super 8 design with modern components, like an ARM Cortex M3 CPU and a Maxon D.C. Motor, marrying old-school aesthetics with modern functionality. $3,500

Yeti SB5c
Roughing it on the trail is a virtue, but when it comes to mountain biking, a smooth ride is best. The Yeti SB5c is a step up from the already impressive Yeti Switch Eccentric: it’s 100 grams lighter, with a striking carbon fiber body, a 67-degree head angle and a heavily tested series of suspensions and seals to protect against the elements. yeticycles.com

Crate & Barrel Rex Task Lamp
When it comes to desk accessories, lamps don’t always have much personality. C&B’s Grey Task Lamp compensates for that in fine form. Its design is simple but effective: a wooden frame with a matte steel base (7 inches in diameter; nice and unobtrusive) and shade, and a cloth-lined cord — no ugly rubber insulation here. $100

KingSound KS-H3 Electrostatic Headphones
KingSound’s KS-H3 Electrostatic Headphones, paired with KingSound’s M-20 tube amp, are a great investment (figuratively and literally); but, according to CNET, they’ll eliminate any need for future headphone purchases. $875

Betabrand Disco Hammock
This ridiculously flashy disco hammock is more minimalist than you’d expect. It weighs a mere 20 ounces and folds into a 4- by 5-inch nylon cube. And it would definitely make you easy to spot in an emergency situation. $97

ECCO O2 with Gore-Tex Surround
Hot feet? ECCO may have the answer with the introduction of their O2 line in partnership with GORE-TEX. The new shoes utilize ECCO’s newly developed venting system to keep your feet cool, combined with the waterproof protection of GORE-TEX SURROUND technology. The new venting system releases heat and moisture from the top, bottom and sides of your feet as you move. Available later this year. eccousa.com

15 Best Day Hikes in the West
The beauty of the West isn’t up for debate: it’s ubiquitous, grandiose and unchallenged. But hidden within these 13 states are secrets that can’t be seen driving an SUV through the “scenic” route. Only a true day hike can do the region justice. Consider this list your trailhead. Read This Story
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