BioLite BaseCamp

Biolite’s portable BaseCamp grill improves where the company’s previous innovations left off.


Having successfully gained a foothold in the portable stove market, the BaseCamp from BioLite marks the Brooklyn-based startup’s advancement into the world of grilling. The grill’s technology follows the innovations that began with BioLite’s past biomass-powered offerings — clean combustion, the ability to charge phones and tablets off-grid — and improves on them.

The company recommends wood as a fuel source (spare firewood or fallen branches both work nicely), the smoke from which travels to the orange power pack on the stove’s side. A thermoelectric generator converts the energy into usable electricity (accessible via USB outlet) and then blows air back into the fire for improved combustion.


Several design updates make the BaseCamp one of BioLite’s most impressive releases yet. For one, the larger power pack increases the USB power output to 5W (30 minutes of charge time), evident from the addition of a “smart” dashboard that allows users to verify both the strength of the flame and the amount of electricity being generated. A bucket handle makes for easy transportation, while the large, dual-purpose cooking surface transitions swiftly from cooking to grilling to accommodate diverse flame-based needs often pined for during a backyard barbecue session or a weekend tailgate.

For seasoned grill masters and those new to the method of cooking, the BaseCamp detours from grilling’s track record of indifference to the environment and alarming health hazards associated with burning coal, making it the ideal grill option for both families with children and groups of friends.


Cooktop Diameter: 13.25 inches
Weight: 17.92 pounds
Fuel Type: solid biomass
USB Charge Time: 30 minutes

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