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Toro Recycler SmartStow Mower

The secret to Toro’s new standing mower lies in Briggs & Stratton’s new 190cc engine that prevents oil and gas leaks when vertical. The result is 70% reduction in the Toro Recycler’s SmartStow mower’s storage footprint compared to its standard operating position.


It can’t autonomously whittle your lawn into a green, remotely spy on the Klopeks or transmit its accomplishments to the cloud over wi-fi. In fact, Toro’s Recycler SmartStow mower has none of the so-called smart features found on today’s innovation bandwagon.

What separates this mower from the pack is its ability to stand upright. It’s the kind of feature that sounds so simple, you’re left wondering what the hell took someone so long to make it. Maybe you even thought up a similar idea once and shredded your latissimus dorsi to turn your push power on its side, only to discover leaked oil and gas all over the floor.

The truth is, Briggs & Stratton had to build a new 190cc engine to handle such changes in position. One with a leak-free carburetor and a unique fuel tank design, in addition to new seals, gaskets, O-rings and a high oil fill tube. The result is 70 percent reduction in the Toro Recycler’s SmartStow mower’s storage footprint compared to its standard operating position.

Toro didn’t forget that a mower’s focus should always be on your lawn either. A 22-inch Recycle cutting deck, 11-inch rear wheels, variable speed self-propel front drive and ready-start engine technology, which eliminates the need to choke or prime before pulling make this pusher more than capable of tackling most weekend trims. There’s even a two-year full-coverage warranty, plus a three-year guarantee that the engine will start in one or two pulls.

How buyers choose to use their extra garage space is of course up to them — but we’ve got more than a few ideas of our own.


Engine: 190cc Briggs & Stratton® Engine w/Ready Start
Cutting Width: 22 inches
Height of Cut: 1-4 inches
Weight: 83 pounds

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