Celebrating the Typeface Born from Cycling

House Industries have teamed up with director Erích Wiess for a witty short that showcases a new collection of cycling gear and the new typeface that inspired it, Velo Serif.

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House Industries, the prolific type foundry turned design firm, has won the hearts of artists and industry icons — J.J. Abrams, Shepard Fairey and Eames Demetrios, to name just a few — thanks to its seemingly bottomless well of creative outpour. The company as been behind the everyday logos of Lucky Charms and Nickelodeon’s TV Land, spawning an impressive number of collaborative projects along the way. To celebrate their sportive new typeface, Velo Serif, they’ve coupled its release with a stylized collection of cycling gear, including a Waterford Precision Cycles bike frame, a Tanner Goods leather pouch and Brooks copper-accented saddle, which all sport a checkered motif born from the typefaces’s quasi-heritage of Grand Tour cycling.

They’ve also teamed up with director Erích Wiess for Velo, a brief, witty film that spotlights both the collection and the family of fonts that bred it. Filmed on location in House Industries’ home state of Delaware, the minute-long short plays on comical sophistication without coming off as brash. In the words of Satre, “c’est magnifique”. Or at least on its way.

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