And Now, a Video of Breakfast, Interrupted

A breakfast mess at 1000 fps is a beautiful thing.

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Just like your coffee, breakfast as a whole can be taken in many different ways. Some swear by it, needing the fuel to kickstart their day. Others avoid it all completely, choosing to funnel that precious morning time into more zzz’s. Whichever way you slice it, when done right, breakfast is a beautiful thing.

The team at Bruton Strobe, an independent studio of creative collaborators, produces some of the most intricate and technically advanced imagery out there. Their video, Breakfast Interrupted, offers an original angle to the morning meal by literally turning it on its head. Shot at 1000 fps using a Phantom HD Gold, they capture a poetic mess of a breakfast feast. But don’t let the simple nature of this ultra-slow footage fool you, as it took a village to achieve such meticulous destruction.

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