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The Groomsmen’s Summer Wedding Packing List

Peak matrimony season is here, and the time to get your act together is now.


Peak matrimony season is here and the time to get your act together is now. Most of the responsibilities on that ever-growing list are yours alone to manage. But we can at least help you out with a game plan on what a smart groomsmen should wear and pack for the main event. Study it closely and remember: the party starts after the vows.

The Easy Part, Courtesy of The Black Tux

If your occasion calls for matching attire, skip the traditional broken suit rental process and check out The Black Tux. The service combines the convenience of free shipping with superior products, making it easy for everyone in the wedding party to look their best in less time.

All of The Black Tux’s offerings are made from Italian wool sourced from the famed Tollegno mill and offer contemporary style without the regrets that can come in hindsight from chasing a trend. But like any kind of clothing, none of those details would matter without the right fit.

Once you’ve found a style you like, you can either input your measurements directly if you know them, measure yourself with their walkthrough or have a tailor send them the details.

That’s where their Fit Guarantee comes in. Once you’ve found a style you like, you can either input your measurements directly if you know them, measure yourself with their walkthrough or have a tailor send them the details. If you’re in L.A. and a groom to be, you can also drop by their showroom.

Every set of sizes submitted is run through a proprietary fitting algorithm that compares fit data from thousands of other customers to match with you with the right threads. One of their in-house Fit Specialists (many with years of tailoring experience) then review your profile and the algorithm’s recommendations to make everything looks right. If questions arise, they’ll even call you to discuss sizing directly.

Your suit is then shipped to your door a week before your event for you to try on. If something’s still not quite right, the fitting experts can send you a replacement item free of charge or reimburse you for up $15 to have a local tailor do some basic alterations. When your event is over, just slap the free return label back on the box the suit came in and send it back.

Were you put in charge of coordinating everyone’s look? The Black Tux’s system makes it easy to manage and track an entire wedding party’s look — putting those group texts to an end for good. They even offer fully curated looks, like this Hemingway Outfit that includes a shirt, tie, studs and a pair of shoes. See what we mean by easy?

Buy Now: $195

The Details: Play It Safe or Make a Statement?


With the basics easily put to rest, you’ve got time to focus on the extras. Here’s some inspiration on how to complete the look of a more casual suit.

The Goods:

The Safe Bet: Dark Tortoise Matte Lupetto ($295)
The Statement: Garrett Leight Bentley Sun ($315)

Pocket Squares
The Safe Bet: Quixotic Classic ($55)
The Statement: Vacation Days Delta Silk Pocket Square ($28)

The Safe Bet: Hamilton Intramatic ($845)
The Statement: Nomos Zuerich Blaugold (~$3,645)

The Safe Bet: Uniqlo Supima Patterned Dress Socks ($5)
The Statement: Paul Smith Striped Cotton Socks ($35)

A Few Travel Essentials


Whether you’re out of the house for a day or the weekend, picking the right look is only half the battle. Hook & Albert’s genius weekender combines the convenience of a duffle with the clothes-caring utility of a garment bag, while Mophie’s Space pack series ensures your phone has plenty of power and storage to outlast the festivities (or triage crises as they arise).

Also, leave the interchangeable lens work to the professional photographer and focus on candid moments with Fujifilm’s unbeatable X100T.

The Shopping List: Hook & Albert Waxed Canvas Garment Weekender Bag ($395) | Fujilfim X100T ($1,300) | Mophie Space Pack ($150+)

The Provisions


Guests will have plenty to celebrate and all the party fuel they’ll need to get there. Still, a wise groomsman packs a few surprises to share among great friends. A backup plan for the worst never hurt either.

The Shopping List: Ashton VSG Cigar (varies) | Highland Park 25 (~$450) | Bell’s Oberon Ale (varies) | Agua De Colonia Concentrada ($25) | Altoids ($11) | Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade ($20)

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