A Man, His Dog and 14 Years of Shared Adventures

Ben Moon creates a proper send-off to his most cherished travel companion.

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It was in 1999 when Oregon-based photographer, Ben Moon, first laid eyes on his dog, Denali. From that moment on, they were inseparable. From camping trips in the desert and climbs out West to long days in the surf, both seemed most at ease when surrounded by nature. When Moon was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer, it was Denali who aided in his recovery, refusing to leave his bedside. Years later, as chance would have it, Denali, too, was stuck with cancer, and this time is was up to Moon to ease the pain.

Working with his close friends Ben Knight and Skip Armstrong, Moon wanted to create a proper send-off to his most cherished companion. So the last month of Denali’s life was spent revisiting their favorite spots one last time. The film, depicting the bond between a man and his dog, spans their entire 14-year relationship and is thoughtfully narrated through the imagined voice of Denali.

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