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This Brilliant Travel Essential Will Change How You Pack

As far as winter holiday travel is concerned, a down jacket and a travel neck pillow are certified essentials.



Traveling, especially during holiday season, can tax the organized soul. Hordes of people carrying rolling suitcases en masse, fighting across city blocks, onto public transit, through security lines, into terminals and then down the airplane aisle — it’s a battle to retain a state of calm. So the first rule to completing your holiday travels with your sanity intact is ensuring you packed things right. Packing light saves you space and allows you to remain lithe, therefore lowering your stress. But, unfortunately, this means that the luxuries of travel often get swapped with minimalist essentials.


Tumi, purveyors of travel essentials since the ’70s, have introduced the Pax Patrol Packable Travel Jacket ($195), allowing you to preserve both luxuries and essentials. Their new jacket is made from water-resistant nylon and is filled with lightweight down insulation. It keeps you comfortable and warm from home to airport gate, then, once you’re seated and the chaos calms, the Tumi Pax jacket rolls and stores itself in a hidden pouch in the collar. You get an essential layer that turns into the best of all airplane luxuries: the travel pillow.

Travel can be a hectic experience, and during the holidays, the stress is only exacerbated. Any way to truncate checklists while adding comfort is a welcome addition, and the Tumi Patrol Packable Jacket combines two worries into one simple, efficient solution.

Buy Now: $195

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