Ducati Scrambler

The Ducati Scrambler started a revolution in accessible motorcycles, eschewing the brand’s usual power and prowess.


This year the motorcycle industry had a revelation: Over the course of 2015, manufacturers introduced a garage full of approachable and accessible motorcycles, filling in the gaps of an often ignored yet exceptionally important segment. At the front of that charge was the Ducati Scrambler, the first bike to hit the road and shine a light on the importance of entry-level performance.

Ducati may not prefer the term “entry-level,” but at a price just under $9,000 and as the least powerful bike in the Italian company’s line up, that’s exactly what the Scrambler is. And by no means is that a mark against this bike. Ducati’s eschewing of the pissing contest of technology, power and price tags that often engulfs the mainstream motorcycle industry is where the revolution lies.


Although the Scrambler has no problem powering up a mountain pass or making short work of tight hairpins, performance is secondary to what the bike stands for: accessible fun. With four “counterculture” trims, the Scrambler is also an arbiter for individualism. It’s a bike with the power to crack a smile on a veteran rider’s face or, more importantly, inspire non-riders to finally saddle up. scramblerducati.com


Engine: 803cc L-Twin
Transmission: Six-Speed
Horsepower: 75 @ 8,250 RPM
Torque: 50 lb-ft @ 5,750 RPM
Curb Weight: 410 pounds
Tank Capacity: 3.57 Gallons

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