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Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Speakers

If sound engineering is the dark magic of entertainment technology, the Beolab is its greatest wizard.



Sound engineering is the dark magic of entertainment technology; you know great sound when you hear it, but detecting the nuances of audio componentry is difficult. These pricey but awe-inspiring speakers are designed to convey great sound without a lot of audiophile double-talk.


That’s because Bang & Olufsen’s approach is straightforward: 18 powerful speakers assembled in a 360-degree array, dedicated, custom amplifiers for each one and a modest selection of powerful controls to fine-tune your experience.

The heart of that customization is Active Room Compensation, which generates uniform audio distribution in a zone system, eliminating the drawbacks of less-than-ideal room acoustics. Beam Width Control goes a step further, letting you alter the sound beam based on how many people are listening, while Beam Direction Control lets you direct the sound beam based on where they are. The result? Overwhelmingly great sound quality, fine-tuned for your space. Plus, the speakers are gorgeous. We’ll take two.


Speaker array: 7 tweeters, 7 mid-range, 4 woofers (3 back, 1 front)
Amplifier: Separate for each of 18 speakers
Size: 50 x 29 x 30 inches
Weight: 302 pounds
Inputs: Wireless, analog, and digital

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