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The Connected Cree LED Bulb

Your phone can play any song ever recorded. Virtual reality can send you 1,000 miles away.


LED and OLED are, without question, the future of lighting. Granted, the future ain’t perfect — and that’s why Cree improved on the LED lightbulb with an energy-efficient design using a plastic “4FLOW” filament design that makes for even more efficient light dispersal, energy consumption and heat management. Standard Cree LED bulbs last 25 times as long as incandescent bulbs and use 85 percent less energy; they’re also quite affordable by LED standards.


All this would be fine on its own. Fortunately Cree has now accounted for that other wave of the future: the smart home.

Cree’s Connected LED Bulb, available in soft white and brighter “daylight” models, can be dimmed via app (notably without the buzz associated with dimmers) and controlled remotely. It’s compatible with all ZigBee Certified smart home hubs, allowing you to schedule and synchronize lighting alongside your household appliances. All that, plus a 25,000-hour lifetime, sure sounds like a bright future. creebulb.com


Wattage: 11.5 Watts
Brightness: 815 lumens
Base Type: E26 Medium Standard Screw-type

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