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Sage Bolt Fly Rod

The Sage Bolt makes casting into strong headwinds feel like another day at the office.


On some days, fly-fishing can be a fun and relaxing way to get outside and experience nature. On others, it can be unbelievably intense — with driving rain, strong winds and chest-high water. Without the right rod in these conditions, you’ll spend more time untangling your line than you will snapping customary Instagram photos of your latest catch. These conditions call for a fast-action rod, and the new Sage Bolt is the best available.

The Sage Bolt is an ultra-fast-action fly rod that is filling the gap left by the TCX in Sage’s line. The rod is designed to perform at the highest level even in headwinds or rough conditions. It features Sage’s Generation 5 technology, which replaces traditional glass hoop fibers in the construction with graphite — in combination with their proprietary carbon/resin composite. The result is the ability to cast tighter loops more accurately, allowing you to place the fly exactly where you want it.

The resulting rod is very stiff, bright and lively, and the action is quick. It comes in weights from 4 through 8, all at nine feet, and is perfect for fishing anything from trout all the way up through steelhead and bonefish. The rod was designed by the legendary Jerry Siem and offers a high-performance and durable package at a relatively affordable price point. If you’d like to throw your fly 150 feet upstream in a headwind to that pocket on the far side of the river and land that rainbow you’ve been stalking for weeks, the Sage Bolt is your rod. sageflyfish.com


Weights: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Action: Ultra fast
Length: 9 feet
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