Campaign Living

Flatpack furniture, without the all the ambiguous instructions and Swedish meatballs.


IKEA is synonymous with modern-looking, cheap-as-hell furniture. And though every new move is almost guaranteed to be accompanied by a trip to one of the company’s massive furniture warehouses/showrooms/meatball emporiums, we wouldn’t consider the trek fun, nor the product high end. That’s where Campaign Living comes in. The company is aiming to give IKEA a run for its money with a new brand of low-cost, flat-pack furniture.

On the surface, the premise seems the same as IKEA’s, but there are two key differences. Difference one: you won’t have to spend an entire day meandering around a crowded store to find the right product. Everything (for now, a chair, loveseat and sofa) is sold online and delivered directly to the customer. That means Campaign Living’s operating costs are low, allowing for low prices. Difference two: unlike IKEA, Campaign Living builds sofas and chairs that’ll last more than a couple years. The furniture parts are manufactured in California, with laser-cut steel frames and wood sourced from the Midwest. They’re designed to break down into two smallish boxes for moving. Nothing is particle board, nothing is veneered. And you’ll actually get all the pieces you need to assemble it.

Good furniture is an investment, sure, but it still shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Campaign Living’s sales model and quality products make it a no-brainer for those who are furnishing on a budget but refuse to compromise on quality and style.


Products: Chair, Loveseat, Sofa
Manufactured In: California
Made From: Steel, wood and natural fabric
Assembly: At home, no tools necessary
Shipping: Free, 3 to 5 days

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