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The Pillow and Mattress Making Summer Cooler

Blasting the A/C is no match for cooling-focused bedding.


People go to extreme lengths to keep the bed, the king of the bedroom, cool. This is because there’s nothing better than, after a long, hot day, to dive into cool sheets and lay your cheek on a likewise cool pillowcase. To achieve this life-giving sensation, there’s no need to do anything rash, like, say put your sheets in the fridge or purchase an ice pack for your pillow (yes, it is “a thing”). Casper has made it simpler with both its mattress and pillow design, engineering both to keep you cool, from head to toe.


Every part of Casper’s “two-in-one” pillow, from the dual-layer core to the cotton percale case, is geared to keep you comfortable. The pillow is filled with small fibers that adapt to movement and provide “springy” support for your head. Both the inner core and outer layer are designed to promote airflow, which keeps contact places — your face — nice and cool. Casper also offers a mattress that boasts the same engineering prowess and summer-ready design as their pillow. An open-cell latex foam, which tops three other layers, keeps air flowing freely, keeping sleepers cool. Casper landed on the open-cell latex after testing over 100 types of foam, from 15 different factories.


So if you’re looking to stay cool this summer — and sleep year-round — Casper has you covered, and they’re willing to bet on the comfort you’ll find. Try the new goods for up to 100 nights, and if you’re not fully satisfied, they’ll pick any items up for free. But, chances are, once you hit the bed and your face touches the double-sided cool side of the pillow, the only thing you’ll be doing is engaging in a peaceful, restful sleep.

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