Pearl Wireless Backup Camera

Make your car better and safer in 30 seconds.


Backup cameras are a big deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that Uncle Sam has mandated that all new cars under 10,000 pounds will be required to have them by mid-2018 (and also estimates that 58 to 69 lives will be saved per year once all cars are equipped). Of course, the bummer is that if your car wasn’t made within the last five years or so, then you miss out on the convenient (and accident-reducing) tech.

Pearl RearVision is looking to make that a non-issue with what is effectively the world’s smartest license plate frame. Packing two cameras that transmit to your dash-mounted smartphone, the RearVision is better than most of the OEM systems you’ll find in new cars and provides audio and visual cues when there’s a hazard. If the rest of the world has deemed backup cameras a necessity, it’s probably best to tack one onto your “vintage” Honda Prelude.

Buy Now: $500

Compatible with Cars Made After: 1996
Warranty: 3 years
Tech: dual HD cameras, Night Mode
Updates: over the air via Pearl App

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