Fimbulvetr Hikr

The Norwegian brand’s reinvention of traditional snowshoes uses flexible plastic rather than metal, allowing for a natural gait and weight reduction.


Norwegians have been slogging through snow for a long time. So maybe Norway-based Fimbulvetr’s total reboot of traditional snowshoe design isn’t that surprising. Their Hikr snowshoes have a binding interface of flexible plastic called DuPont Hytrel, making them multi-directional and allowing for an unprecedented range of motion and natural gait. While plastic has a reputation for being cheap and weak, the Hytrel used in the the Hikrs is durable, and much lighter than the metal used in a traditional snowshoe. And if dusk is falling and home is still far away, that’s good news indeed.


Material: DuPont Hytrel
Weight: 4.7 pounds (per pair)
Terrain: all-mountain
Recommended Load: less than 243 lbs
Crampons: instep and heel
Crampon Material: stainless steel

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