Hawthorne for Men Cologne

A young cologne brand gauges your personality to decide your scent.


Hawthorne takes the confounding world of cologne and makes it personal, offering two scents (work and play) tailored to an individual’s personality. The company’s innovative process begins with each customer filling out a five-minute survey, which is used to match up each of their dispositions with a proprietary formula that can determine just how each customer will want to smell.

To mix the bespoke scents, Hawthorne keeps three master perfumers on call, who boast a bevy of industry awards between them. And even with the careful crafting, if you don’t like your musk, they’ll swap it out. It’s a new approach, and smell, on the scents market.

Buy Now: $100

Founders: Hood by Air designer Phil Wong and business partner Brian Jeong
Accolades: perfumer Olivier Gillotin is a 4x Fragrance of the Year winner. Rodrigo Flores Roux is in the Fragrance Hall of Fame
Ingredients Include: Australian sandalwood, Orris root absolute

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