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James Bond 007: GoldenEye Classic Edition

There Goes Your Fall


Pistols in the facility, license to kill! Yes friends, it’s time to think back to those days when school, food and sleep were after thoughts. It’s time to recall the glee of unloading on with the RCP90 from your lofty perch…which conveniently also happened to be right next to an infinite supply of body armor. That’s because the legendary FPS has been reborn on the Wii as James Bond 007: GoldenEye ($60).


Christened one of the best games on the platform by the gaming experts at IGN and Joystiq, it has a solid new single-player story mode with tweaked game play aspects that make the experience seem familiar without ever triggering moments of “I remember that”. One downside however is that Pierce has been stripped out of the game and replaced with Daniel Craig — but it’s a trivial trade-off for the overall changes they’ve made to give the game a more up to date feel.

The multiplayer aspect also certainly milks the nostalgia factor with classic modes like Golden Gun and Paintball, while still providing hours of new fun thanks to different maps and a taking tip or two from modern-day games like Call of Duty and Halo. There are plenty of characters to choose from including Odd Job, and the option to play classic-style four player split-screen or online v. strangers for unlockables are both present. Also if you’re worried about how you’ll play on the Wii’s funky controller system rest easy, because the game allows you to use either the Game Cube controller or Wii Classic too, as well as provides enough tweaking options to make anyone feel comfortable. In fact, the Classic Edition shown here actually ships with a special edition gold Wii classic controller (shown above) in case you don’t have one already.

Buy Now: $60

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