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Get the Vitamins You Need, Without the Stress (or the Store)

A simple, straightforward way to get your daily dosage.


We’ve all had that moment in the vitamin aisle. You know you’re supposed to be taking them, but you have no idea which ones to take, and nobody in the store seems to have any more of a clue than you do. Enter Care/of, a new supplements startup launched by two New York City entrepreneurs with the help of doctors from Harvard and Tufts. The result is one of the easiest health hacks we’ve seen lately — that’s also surprisingly affordable.

Care/of’s goal is to make supplements easier and better. Instead of forcing you to figure out your supplement regimen on your own, the company asks you what your health goals are — you can choose among things like improving your stress levels, brain health, and more — and then recommends the best supplements for you. They base their recommendations on peer-reviewed research and input from their Scientific Advisory Board, a team of doctors and academics. For Care/of, knowledge is power; the company will even go so far as to show you where the research supports certain supplements, and where the science is mixed. It’s a reassuring practice in an industry known for being anything but transparent.

The company has developed its own line of supplements, with a focus on premium ingredients and transparency in their supply chain that is unmatched by the big supplement brands. Its line includes high-quality versions of some popular supplements, like Fish Oil made from Wild Alaskan Salmon. They also have more niche products, like Rhodiola rosea, a supplement gaining popularity among the Silicon Valley set and known for boosting your energy levels, or Bacopa, an herbal supplement farmed in India that enhances brain function, memory, and focus.

Once you have your personal supplement recommendations, Care/of sends you daily packs with your specific combination of supplements inside — which is key if you travel often or take your supplements while at the office. The cost of a monthly box depends on what’s in your custom pack, and packs start around $20 per month. By selling online, direct to consumers, Care/of can be competitive, with prices about 20% more affordable than what you’d see in health food stores.

Code GEARPATROL50 is good for 2 free weeks, or 50% off, in your first month of Care/of. Just enter the code at checkout.

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