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These Glasses Will Save You From Digital Eye Strain

Felix Gray’s lens filters the most harmful wavelengths of screen light.


Whether it’s for work or play, we spend more time staring at screens now than ever before. We’ve all been there — it’s late in the day and you’re hours into a project with a tight deadline. Your eyes are fatigued, vision blurry, and you can feel that familiar headache creeping up at crunch time. Our eyes aren’t designed for today’s digital world. Luckily, Felix Gray has created an intelligent solution.

Founded by a group of analysts whose livelihoods depended on long hours in front of the screen, Felix Gray makes non-Rx and reading eyewear that’s carefully designed to combat symptoms of digital eye strain for a more comfortable, confident experience with your device. Their proprietary blue light lens both filters the most harmful wavelengths of screen light and eliminates the glare that makes it hard to focus. The filter is integrated into the lens itself, so there’s no ugly yellow coating to chip, fade or distort the color of your screen.

To complement their powerful lenses, Felix Gray handcrafts each of their frames into classic styles from premium Italian acetate and designs them to sit light on the face. This type of eyewear traditionally costs an arm and a leg, but Felix Gray manages everything in-house to offer their glasses at a straightforward price with free shipping, returns, and exchanges.

To ensure the design of their high-end eyewear met the standards of colleagues and customers, Felix Gray partnered with over 25 companies including Google, Spotify, Barclays, Glossier and Casper to allow analysts, designers, and developers the chance to try Felix Gray and provide valuable product feedback. They now have tens of thousands of customers with healthy, happy eyes. You can get your pair here.

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