Embrace the Escape with Flights.com

The intangible often beats the tangible.



It’s easy to get distracted in consumer culture. Having what’s new is nice, and having what’s popular can be inevitable. We know — we’re in the business. But more often than not the intangible far outweighs the tangible. Experiences are what you remember. Meet Flights.com, an online travel agency that values a worthwhile adventure over the latest gadget.

You may have saved up for a pricey new smartphone, but why not flip the script and embrace the unknown instead. Put your hard-earned cash toward a getaway or incentivize yourself with a trip for the holiday season. We promise, those memories will far outlive the battery life you were hoping that mobile upgrade would have. The experience of exploring the unfamiliar will last forever.

Now that you’re committed, don’t waste any time finding the most affordable flight when you get the urge to travel. Flights.com not only personalizes options around your interests, but it customizes results based on information pulled from your Facebook page.

What makes Flights.com so unique? They aren’t afraid to speak the truth — offering tips on destinations all over the world. How does Puerto Rico sound in the middle of a New York December? How about the Italian countryside and freshly rolled pasta? Or Amsterdam, where traffic is caused on bikes not cars on the freeway? Better yet, how about sipping Mai Tais after snorkeling through coral reefs in Belize?

The bottom line is, we’re encouraging an escape. An escape from your routine and an escape from your screen. Flights.com values experience, an affordable experience at that. We promise you, wherever you end up you won’t regret it. Buying a new phone won’t make you happier, but traveling will.

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