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10 Foolproof Valentine’s Day Tips

Yes, we know. It’s this Saturday, February 14th.


Yes, we know. It’s this Saturday, February 14th. The same day that comes far too quickly every year and definitely arrives too soon after the holidays (didn’t we just do something for New Year’s?). You’re worried about your job, no less the number of digits in your bank account, amongst other things. The last thing you really want to deal with is Valentine’s Day.

No, you can’t ignore it, and god help you if you do. The single men receive a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card on this day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happier. Unless you’re a perpetual bachelor, a rewarding relationship with a woman you’re in-freaking-love with is incomparable. Gear Patrol’s put together 10 foolproof Valentine’s Day tips. Sure, some of them involve some cash-money, but at the end of the day the special woman in your life won’t care about the money spent (she reads the news too, you know), she’ll care about the thought and foresight that went into the day.

1. Look Sharp, Bub


If you’re going out and the venue calls for it, dress up for it. Think about the outfit you’d wear to an interview then take it one notch higher (read: be crisper, stand up taller, reserve sooner, meet her or be ready earlier, have some good stories to share). You know, prepare.

2. Breakfast & Shopping – In Bed

Make her an early breakfast in bed. If she’s a new mother then follow-it up with a little Amazon.com Gift Card and shop for a fun gift (under $20) together. Give it a little context (card) that says this is just the start of the day. You never know, she might reward you with dessert… in bed.

3. Texting

Do not booty text your girlfriend. Do booty text your wife of plural years. It’s that simple.

4. Send/Give Roses Calla Lilies


Roses are one dozen degrees overdone. Send her Calla Lilies instead. They’re gorgeous and tell her that you didn’t just find something last minute. Few women dislike Calla Lilies.

5. Moments Remembered


Dig deep into your Sports Scores, Horsepower, and Gear (our apologies) filled brain. Remember a simple occurrence from your first date or when you first met. If you have a keepsake from that day then all the better. Find a way to package it: a movie ticket stub or coat check ticket in a little frame, some physical form of a story she told you that day, anything that provides a wrap to what happened that day. She remembers every excruciating detail so knowing that you did will guarantee an ear-to-ear smile, hug, and swooning.

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6. If You’re Buying, Then Buy Something Woman Approved

Read a gift guide written by women. The team at Someone Spoil Me has some great suggestions (even a breakdown of gifts under $25) as does I Heart Luxe or the Not Cot Gift Archives. For you trend hunters, Cool Hunting has a great V-Day Gift Guide as well.

7. A Gift To Be Used In Company


If you are going to purchase something, then it’s always good to go with something that will involve both of you or you and her parents (if she’s close with her parents). It goes a long (long) way in saying your committed to the relationship. This is not necessarily a recommendation for your first Valentine’s Day (unless you started dating her Feb 15th, the year before). For those relationships with a shorter duration of time, a nice alternative is to come up with a few recipes to cook together. Simple, tasty and ones you know she’ll like. Have all the ingredients ready to go in a small bag or cooler prepped and ready to cook (again, foresight). Bring them over and make sure to keep it lighthearted and fun. Your mistakes are more endearing than you think.

8. Mix It Up

If you’re a real Cassanova and have a full weekend or day-trip planned (bastard) then make sure you’ve got some great tunes lined up for it. Ones she likes… like Duffy, Beyonce, Adele (what with the Grammy’s and all), The Fray, and Samantha James. Queue it up in an iPod playlist and never… never volunteer to play it at the gym.

9. Oh, You Got A Card?

Be on the phone with her when you’ve got an eCard planned to arrive, preferrably humorous like Hoops & YoYo from Hallmark. This will take some coordination, but she’ll know there was foresight and she oh so loves foresight… cha-ching.

10. She Owns February 14th. You Merely Have The Privilege.


Above all, don’t forget that this day is hers. It’s a ridiculously over-commercialized holiday that makes taken men bemoan and single men groan. Women will inevitably want a reason to show-off about what they did, even if they’re not the type – they want to have a good response when their friends or co-workers share their story and ask. Don’t let the polarization affect you though. Do what your instinct tells you, and take the day to make her feel special. She most likely thinks of you 10x more in any given day than you do of her so make up for a tenth of that on February 14th.

11. For Mom, The (Or The Other) Most Important Woman In Your Life

Good sons will send their mother a Valentine’s Day card or gift. They will also casually drop that into conversation with their wives and girlfriends. Girls love guys that love their mothers.

Have you got suggestions to share with other guys? Make sure to leave them below in a comment.

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