Stay | Blackberry Farm: Walland, Tennessee

Southern. Living.


If someone were to ask you where to find one of the world’s best getaways, your first instinct might not be East Tennessee. But an easy drive from Knoxville, TN at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains you’ll find Blackberry Farms — 4,200 bucolic acres of pure getaway grandeur. A farm with a penchant for adventure, culinary arts, luxury and southern hospitality, Blackberry Farm at times feels too good to be true. But it is. Consider yourself adventurous? You’ll find a clay pigeon range, fox-hunting, fly fishing and horseback riding at your beck and call. Inclined for something more strenuous? 5 to 60 mile cycling routes start right outside your door or explore and hike the 9,200 additional acres of wooded mountains. Prefer the water? Feel free to canoe, kayak or white-water raft your way through the properties lakes and rivers. Chef at heart? Live a day in the life of a chef or learn a farmstead artisan’s trade. The wife will be more than happy to find a spa, yoga, swimming, carriage rides or a small Lexus fleet ready to whisk her away. And at the end of your stay when you find yourself teetering on the decision to turn the implausibly perfect mix of refined and rugged into a permanent lifestyle, Blackberry Farms will be happy to show you one of their immaculately finished homes and homesites for private ownership.

Rates: $345+ (per night) | Info

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