You Can (Nearly) Gift a Personal Hot Sauce Sommelier This Season

Discover the better way to explore the Scoville scale.

Fuego Box

You know, there’s an entire world of hot sauce outside the watered down, red salt water you get at your local diner. The hot sauce lover in your life probably already knows. The trouble is, there are so many different brands, flavors, peppers, sauces and rubs, it’s nearly impossible to taste them all — unless you know someone who has a good connection. Fuego box is ready to be that connection. Whether it’s the ridiculously spicy Scoville scale toppers or the mild flavor enhancers, Fuego box will package up some small-batch, craft hot sauces, every month. Since it’s the holidays, gift a subscription to the pepper head in your life. Use the code GPHOLIDAY for $10 off the first box.

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