How to Use and Maintain That Product You Just Bought on Prime Day

From cleaning your coffee maker to the best Instant Pot recipes to keeping your kitchen knives sharp, maintaining any product is key.


You finally bought that product or appliance you’ve had your eye on for a while now. Maybe it was that superior coffee maker, a better kitchen knife or you finally jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon. Whatever it is you pulled the trigger on during Prime Day, you should know how to get the most out of it — as well as how to maintain it so it lasts and performs as long as possible.

To help out, we rounded up some of the best how-to pieces for those products you bought this week to help you maximize your purchase for years to come.

You’re Cleaning Your Coffee Maker the Wrong Way

If you haven't cleaned the inside of your coffee maker since you bought it, this guide is for you.

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How to Use Your Sous-Vide Tool to Save Time and Money

Using a sous-vide isn't just for steaks – this is how you use it to save serious money.

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How to Clean and Maintain a Pocket Knife

With proper care and attention, any pocket knife — even the cheap ones — can become a generational heirloom.

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The 25 Best Things to Cook with an Instant Pot or Multicooker

Just get an Instant Pot? Here are 25 of the absolute best things to make in it.

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Your Sous Vide Can Do More than Cook the Perfect Steak

Your sous vide is a hell of a lot more functional than you thought.

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How to Care for a Carbon Steel Knife, According to an Expert

Magnus Pettersson of the knife sharpening service KnifeAid has tips to keep your carbon steel knife in top shape.

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5 of the Best Essential Oils to Put in Your Diffuser

They're not all the same.

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The 25 Best Things to Cook with a Cast-Iron Skillet

The limits of a cast-iron skillet are typically one of two things: a general lack of imagination or foods with exceptionally high acidity. This guide fixes one of these things.

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How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives the Right Way

Sharpening a chef's knife manually doesn't have to be a daunting task. We asked a guy who sharpens 100 knives a day to show us the way.

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This Is How to Maintain a Dive Watch

A diver may be the ultimate "tool" watch, but it still needs some TLC. Follow these pointers and your watch should last a lifetime.

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4 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Be patient, avoid acid, skip the eggs & more.

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How to Clean All of Your Outdoor Gear

From rain jackets and down jackets to hiking boots and tents, make your outdoor gear last by keeping it sparkling clean.

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