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An aviation icon of the Korea conflict, and the bane of the MiG-15 (Russia-piloted or not), the North American Aviation F86 Sabre Jet was America’s first transonic fighter jet and the first designed with a swept wing to counter the leading edge compression wave of near-supersonic flight. Now wannabe fly-boys can unleash their inner “Maverick” with the Great Planes F-86 Sabre Jet, the first micro electric radio-controlled plane with a true ducted fan. The 30mm HyperFlow ducted fan unit gives the F-86 the power and thrust for everything from buzzing the tower to outstanding sport aerobatics. Wing overs, rolls, loops, Immelmans, split-S’s, rolling scissors — heck, Ace; add Nerf darts and pretend your neighborhood watch is the CIA hunting al Qaeda in Yemen.

The F-86 Sabre’s appearance matches the air combat maneuver realism. The factory-finished fuselage and wings feature details and decals for authentic markings and USAF insignia. The magnetic battery hatch is hidden under a realistic canopy, complete with a pilot figure. The included landing gear can also be attached for rolling takeoffs or removed for easy hand launching. For the true aficionado, Great Planes also offers the unique advantages of a transmitter-ready (Tx-R) equipped aircraft that allows existing lawn pilots to use their favorite transmitter.

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