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Luxurious terrarium living

Attrap' Reves

Attrap’ Rêves (or dreamcatcher in English), is an innovative French hotel chain located in the Alps, Provence, and Côtes d’Azur regions, geared towards eco-friendly travelers who dream of sleeping under an open night sky with all of the comforts of home. Each bubble stands roughly 10 feet high by 14 feet wide, and comes equipped with an entrance lobby, rigid floor, king-sized bed, luxury furniture, and a telescope to help you count the stars. Additionally, each space is equipped with a silent air-filtering system to ensure constant air recycling. Toilets and showers are housed in a separate, wooden, and private cabin in the near vicinity.

The bubble structures are made out of anti-UV material, adhering to all safety norms required by the industry and ensuring you don`t wake up with an oddly tanned face. Similarly to traditional hotels, Attrap’Rêves offers different suites: Zen, Nature, Glamour, Thousand & One Nights, Chic & Design, each with their own pricing (from ~$143 euros to ~$655) and unique features. That may sound steep for human-sized terrarium, but where else can you live out your fantasies of being Pauly Shore in Biodome?

Reservations are strongly recommended, particularly for the early weeks of August and November as their skies are reportedly filled with shooting stars. We’ve got additional photos after the break.

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