Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Still talking about nothing. This time, on the road.


With the trappings of pure genius — coffee, interesting cars, and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David — Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, is such a refreshing take on comedy that we think it might just be one of the best things we’ve watched since the first season of Louie. Entirely free of plot, of course, the web series boils it down to an opportunity for us mortals to virtually sit shotgun with comedic genius (Ricky Gervais is the next episode). In the first episode of CICGC the two comedians wax on about the trivialities of life ranging from cigars, to diets, to divorce en route to a diner. There’s discussion about the car too. In this case, a 1952 azure blue Volkswagen bug. The absence of any hype makes it all the better. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee may not be the show about nothing that occupies at least a few hours of every man’s DVR, but to us, this might just be better.

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