Bricks-and-Mortar Won’t Die When There Are Stores Like These

Shoppers will continue to spend a lot of time shopping online, but bricks-and-mortar stores like these prove we don’t have to worry about its extinction.

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Online shopping becomes more ubiquitous by the day. And this growing trend leads many to worry that bricks-and-mortar will no longer cease to exist. In our Talk Shop series, we sought some of the best stores in the world that specialize in creating unique experiences that you just can’t get by shopping on your screen. From Midland Park, New Zealand, to Los Angeles, California, these stores prove that bricks-and-mortar will never go extinct.

This Shop Features Some of the Coolest Japanese Products in the World, and You’ve Never Heard of Any of Them

Wedged between Manhattan neighborhoods, Nalata Nalata's dreamy shop features some of the most impressive craftsmanship in New York City.

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This Tiny Store in New Orleans Might Be the Best Place to Buy Japanese Chef’s Knives in the US

Get a knife made by a 750-year-old name that used to make swords for the Emperor.

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This Could Be the Best Coffee Gear Store in the World

Coffee Supreme's Midland Park store is part retail stop, part brewing education center and a spot where you can, if you want, grab a coffee.

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This Unique Outdoor Store Could Only Exist in Brooklyn

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. promotes an urban-centered outdoor lifestyle with gear that's functional, stylish and entirely unique.

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This Shop Is One of Colorado’s Best Open Secrets

Rocky Mountain Underground began in a garage, but now its ski-shop-slash-tavern is situated on Breckenridge, Colorado's Main Street.

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This Quaint LA Store Sells Better Versions of Everything You Own

The Good Liver, a tightly-curated general store in the shadow of I-10 in Los Angeles, doesn't just sell products — it tells stories.

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