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Top Gun 3D

Almost as good as bringing Goose back

The tragic loss of Tony Scott will reverberate through Hollywood for years to come, but fans can at least delay letting go in the coming months with the release of Top Gun 3D ($20). Double dipping on the part of studios isn’t something we typically like to encourage, but Scott’s personal involvement overseeing the remastering and conversion of 1986’s #1 film from “high-resolution original negative scans” grabbed our attention faster than Kelly McGillis in a flight suit.

A special edition two-disc set will hit stores everywhere on February 19 and includes a 2D remastered version (especially nice if the thought of 3D glasses doesn’t light your afterburners). Those lucky enough to live near an IMAX can also dogfight for a ticket to watch the film during a special six-day run starting on February 8th. Until then, you’ll find us in line with headphones on, singing Berlin quietly while we wait for the theater doors to open.

Buy Now: $20

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